President: Terry L. Criner, NCTM
Vice President (Membership): Wysor Gearhart
Recording and Corresponding Secretary: Bittsy Hall
Treasurer: Kelsey Cowling
Historian: Sarah Reaser O'Brien, NCTM
Immediate Past President: Rebecca Wallenborn

Appointed Officers

Chaplain: Kelsey Cowling

RVMTA Committee Chairmen

Certification/Credentials: Roma Scriven

Finance: Kelsey Cowling, Vicky Elliott, Terry Criner, Becky Wallenborn

​Music Learning Community: Sarah O'Brien, Administrator

Publicity: Wysor Gearhart

Newsletter; Advertising: Roma Scriven

RVMTA Student Recitals: Becky Wallenborn

Scholarships: Donna Boles

State and National Liaison: Roma Scriven

VMTA Fall Festival: Bittsy Hall and Julie Atkins

VMTA State Chair for Local Associations: Roma Scriven

VMTA Theory Test, Sightreading and Keyboard Skills: Roma Scriven

Yearbook: Rebecca Lancenese

Website: Sarah Reaser O'Brien

The duties of officers and chairmen are listed in a file which can be found on our Resources page.

Past Presidents

Betty Jo Barton 1968-1970
Betty Jane Noftsinger 1970-1972
Mrs. Grady Beck 1972
Annie Laurie Ward 1972-1976
Peggy R. Looney 1976-1980
Ann A. Stewart 1980-1984
Betty Jane Noftsinger 1984-1987
Pam F. Stump, NCTM 1987-1990
Roma G. Scriven, NCTM 1990-1993
Carolyn Winborne 1993-1996
Gret Kidd 1996-1998
Kathleen Merrell 1998-2000
Mary Alice Bowman 2000-2002
Ann T. Hepper 2002-2004
Susan B. McDowell, NCTM 2004-2006
Sarah Reaser O'Brien, NCTM 2006-2008
Lynne S. Kessler, NCTM 2008-2010
Bittsy R. Hall 2010-2012
Peggy Schaaf 2012-2014
Sherrie Andrews 2014-2016
Adele Carliss 2016-2017
Roma Scriven 2017-2018
Rebecca Wallenborn 2018-2020



















Webmaster: Sarah Reaser O'Brien, NCTM